Poetry by Eddie D. Wilcoxen

Eddie D. Wilcoxen is a multi-talented artist and is well known for his accomplishments in southwestern Oklahoma. A noted poet, teacher, storyteller, martial artist and landscape gardener he also hosts a daily morning radio show.

Author of numerous books of poetry, his "Oklahoma Proud, A Centennial book of Poems" was acclaimed for its historical accuracy, and excerpts were serialized in celebration of the Centennial over several months in the Altus Times Newspaper, and presented at the Shortgrass Arts and Humanities Council's Centennial Chautauqua in partnership with the Oklahoma Humanities Council. In 2008 he was chosen as Poet Laureate of the Western Trails Historical Society, and he also was nominated for Poet Laureate of the State of Oklahoma.

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Eddie D. Wilcoxen Appointed as Oklahoma State Poet Laureate

Oklahoma City, OK—The Oklahoma Humanities Council (OHC) announced that, just before leaving office, Governor Brad Henry appointed distinguished author, poet, and radio broadcaster Eddie D. Wilcoxen as State Poet Laureate for 2011 through 2012. OHC facilitates the poet laureate selection committee, which reviews statewide nominations on behalf of the governor, and coordinates the activities and appearances of the poet laureate  throughout his term.

Eddie Wilcoxen is a career radio broadcaster with a popular morning show on KWHW in Altus. He has written eight volumes of poetry and one non-fiction work. His newest book, Faith, Hope and Poetry, is scheduled for a 2011 release.

Wilcoxen is widely recognized for landscape design; his home gardens were featured in Oklahoma Gardener magazine. He is also a three-time national karate champion and established "Kihido Karate," a character—building curriculum emphasizing personal responsibility as the key to personal success. In 1996 he was designated an "Official Olympic Hero" and chosen to carry the Olympic Torch on its hist oric journey across the United States to Atlanta, Georgia.

On learning of his appointment, Wilcoxen remarked: "It was really a thrill to get the call announcing my appointment as Poet Laureate. Poetry has been such a source of comfort and inspiration to me that I can't help but feel honored to have the chance to visit and talk to people all across the state. I'm really looking forward to the adventure of sharing stories and poems."

OHC Executive Director Ann Thompson said that the Council is eager to increase awareness of Wilcoxen's work. "We are very excited to assist Mr. Wilcoxen as he begins his two-year term as Oklahoma's State Poet Laureate," said Thompson.

Information on Wilcoxen is posted on the OHC website http://www.okhumanitiescouncil.org, including examples of his poetry and an application to request Wilcoxen's appearance at poetry readings and community events.

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