garden patio with fish ponds and flowers

Our Garden

One of my interests for many years has been our garden. It has been a labor of love for almost thirty years, with the transformation from an overgrown Bermuda and sticker patch at an abandoned house into the never quite finished form you see here.

Oklahoma Gardener Story and Pictures

A special thanks to Oklahoma Gardener Magazine for the featured article on our garden in their September 2008 issue. See the Oklahoma Gardener story and pictures by clicking the image on left.

Here are some photos taken by the Oklahoma Gardener of the plants, ponds and the water falls in our garden. It's always fun to talk gardening, so please write. Our yard consists of several distinct areas that flow together, and I think of them as the Front yard, Side Yard, Fish Pond, Frog Pond, Greenhouse, Desert Garden, Arbor and Shark Tank, Formal Beds, Mountain Stream, and the Woodland Garden! Also see more Garden Photos

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Brick walkways create paths through garden rooms
Brick walkways create paths through variious garden rooms
Koi and Goldfish in the pond
Koi and Goldfish in the pond
Bridge of a mountain stream
Bridge over a mountain stream
Desert Garden Cacti and tropicals
Desert Garden cacti and tropicals
waterfall shady oasis
This waterfall is a shady oasis

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