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Reflections of a Wandering Mind

Reflections of a Wandering Mind - poetry by Eddie D. Wilcoxen

Eagle and the Wolf (PDF)
Since I wrote this poem it is a legend that shows up in many different cultures, an old Hindu legend, an old Indian legend. It came to me as a one page story that was sent by a friend. It wasn't written in poetry form just an outline of the concept. I was inspired by it and it think it is a good place to start. Audio:Eagle and the Wolf

Preview of Santa Fe Trail (PDF)
This poem is called The Santa Fe Trail and as I mentioned in the book I grew up not too far from the Mulberry Crossing on the Santa Fe Trail, and near Dodge City you can still see the tracks across the prairie. Audio: Santa Fe Trail

Preview of Summer Birds (PDF)
In my backyard I have a large multi station feeder: 3 sunflower seed stations, a suet feeder, and a seed sock for the finches. Needless to say, I really enjoy feeding the birds in my back yard (and squirrels, too). I looked outside one day and was amazed that so many migratory birds had come back so early, and I wrote this poem, Summer Birds Audio: Summer Birds

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